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Reap better results

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If your progress has come to a halt, it’s probably time you took a good, hard look at your technique.

FITNESS MODEL Jordan Metcalfe | IMAGES Dallas Olsen

Pretty much all guys are guilty of this: wanting to progress quickly, we add volume and intensity, thinking this is a foolproof solution. However, it isn’t. If you’re adding volume and intensity and not completing a full range of motion (ROM), because you’re too concerned about getting those last few reps out even though you’re struggling big-time, then you’ll actually find there’s a finite amount of progress you can make.

However, if you’re focusing on your technique and improving it every single time, completing a greater ROM and calling on more muscle fibres, you’ll never hit a progress wall. Plus, the stronger your technique is, the more it safeguards your body against the stresses (or abuses) you put it under by adding more intensity or volume.

Training in a full ROM will help to increase the strength of your joints too — the parts of our bodies we typically ignore because we can’t make visible gains there. The shorter the range of motion, the weaker the joint, and the weaker the joint, the higher risk we put ourselves at for injury. So if you’ve started to feel a few niggles here and there and have been adding volume and intensity like there’s no tomorrow, take a step back and focus on the full ROM — before you do serious damage and have to take a leave of absence from the gym.

This arm workout is a superset style, so not only will you be focusing on a full ROM and strengthening and sculpting the muscles, but you’ll also be improving your technique and helping your joints to keep you injury-free.

Try to focus throughout the whole workout on going all the way to the top of the range and then slowly all the way to the bottom. No shortcuts here, guys!

Jordan Metcalfe is a PICP Level 2 Strength Coach and certified personal trainer from Auckland, New Zealand. After leaving school at 16, he studied hospitality for two years and went on to study a double major business degree at Auckland University of Technology. It was here Jordan went through a ‘dark phase’ – not having the largest group of friends, getting into trouble, rebelling and a number of other things put him in a little bit of an emotional slum. He looked for ways to get away from everything and that’s where the gym, AKA his ‘Iron Playground,’ came in. Jordan became incredibly passionate about the gym and what it did for him so he decided to become a personal trainer. He also went on to become a strength coach with the prestigious Poliquin Group. He now spends his days sharing his love for health and fitness with others, helping them to reach their fitness-related goals. If you’re ready to get the physique you’ve always dreamed of having, visit

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