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Tired of weight machine circuits, dumbbells and barbells? We don’t blame you! The same workout can sure get boring overtime, plus our bodies don’t reap many benefits by continuing the same workout over and over again. If you’re after something new and effective, we have just the thing – TRX. TRX suspension training provides a full-body workout by combining strength and  flexibility all in one. Though some may not realise it, you don’t have to use a massive stack of weights to build muscle. You also don’t have to be grunting the loudest or throwing the weights down the heaviest. Suspension training can be just as, if not more effective than, weights as you will be using your own body weight at different angles to engage more muscle groups. A single-arm row or chest flye is taken to the next level as it not only works the usual muscles, but also all the muscle in your core as you stabilise yourself for the duration of the move. A strong core is vital to lifting weights or carrying out daily tasks and TRX is a great way to strengthen your core and other muscles for that matter. Just make sure you focus on keeping your core tight until it becomes second nature - otherwise you could lose balance and be the heavy weight crashing to the floor.



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