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If your muscles have been on the road to growth for some time, they may be bored of the drive and not responding in the mass-building way you’d like. What they need is a detour or, as it is often called, ‘muscle confusion’.

Muscle confusion is no new principle; it’s been around for decades and while many men walk around the gym thinking they’ve mastered this training method, often they’re not outsmarting themselves as they think - they’re just confusing themselves by making it all too complicated. They spend so much time trying to trick their body parts into growing that they end up missing the point altogether.

Before you hit the gym and try every different set and rep combination you can think of, it’s important to know that the best time to confuse a muscle is only after it has been built and bolstered by the simplest of schemes. So… beginners, muscle confusion isn’t for you - start with the basics then work your way up. 

However, if you’ve been on a growth mission for some time and exhausted all the bread-and-butter tactics, then employing shock techniques could be the ‘pep talk’ your muscles need to get back on their growing way. This routine will shake up your stagnant biceps muscles and jumpstart their growth, all without any added confusion. 

Try these great mass-building moves, done over a progression of rep schemes (from high to light) over the course of your workout as you fatigue. The high-volume approach, along with drop sets to thoroughly fatigue and flush the target muscle, is just the prescription you need for rekindling superior biceps growth. 

Biceps muscles assist your back workout so try to pair the two up for a few weeks. You can find mass-building back moves on page 126 to pair with your mass-building biceps moves in this workout.

Lee Stram’s top tips for biceps mass


  1.        When doing single-arm incline dumbbell curls, concentrate on the squeeze and contraction at the top of the rep and the stretch at the bottom of the rep. This will give the biceps length.
  2.        When doing movements involving reverse grip (like barbell curls) concentrate on the contraction at the top of the rep. This will give the biceps width.

  3.        I like to finish my biceps off with supinated grip 21s. With a dumbbell in each hand, complete seven reps going halfway up, seven reps all the way up and seven reps halfway down. This targets the peak of the biceps and can be performed slightly quicker than other biceps exercises.


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