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Name: Joshua Wood
Age: 37
Location: Gold Coast
Occupation: Trade Manager

Joshua Wood is the kind of guy you see at the gym, day after day, chasing down his goals with a calm determination. He’s focused, contrary to the chaos caused by plates crashing and people shouting all around him. Josh, as his mates call him, is the kind of guy you can rely on to show up with everything he’s got.

But it wasn’t always this way.

“It took me numerous attempts and different rehabs, before I found the Narconon Drug Rehabilitation Centre. I boarded a plane late one afternoon alone and headed to Melbourne to meet a complete stranger who would take me out to Narconon, where I would start my journey to getting clean.”

After a decade of drug addiction, Josh was ready to reclaim his life. It wouldn’t be an easy road, and there would be plenty of times he wanted to give up, but after eight months and with the support of the Narconon staff and his family, Josh successfully completed his program on Australia Day 2010. From here, it would be a five-year journey that would see Josh completely turn his life and health around.

Returning home overweight, out of work and lacking in self-esteem, Josh struggled to get back into a normal routine.

“When I got home I didn’t have a job or really any ‘clean’ friends I could go see – so I found it really hard. That’s when I joined the gym and started playing baseball again.”

While playing baseball, a team-mate offered Josh a job mowing lawns, which got him out of the house and back into the workforce. It was also during this time that Josh heard about a lifestyle challenge at his gym, Goodlife Nerang. He started training with an intention to complete the challenge, but remembers how his first attempts at working out lacked structure.

“I was just randomly picking up weights, using machines haphazardly and not really knowing what I was doing,” laughs Josh.

His trainer at the time, David Rawlinson, recalls “seeing this overweight guy dumbbell benching 15kg, looking so out of place!”

It wasn’t until his second 12-week transformation challenge that Josh really started to see results. The weight began falling off and by the end of the 12 weeks Josh was down from 140kg to 84.8kg.

“After this I changed gyms and trained for a brief period with Sam Howe, who put me onto Nathan Wallace who has been my coach, mentor and close friend for the past three years now.”

Under Nathan’s expert guidance, Josh overhauled his diet and training, and started to focus on building muscle. It was a far cry from the old Josh, who could easily put away two Big Mac meals and three or four litres of Coca-Cola a day.

After much thought and determination, the goal was set to compete at the INBA Brisbane Classic 2013.

“It was about a month out from the INBA Brisbane classic when I had to ramp up my HITT sessions – I had heard about Crossfit and had seen it on ESPN, and figured it could work,” says Josh.

“Just doing sprints didn’t seem all that appealing to me. I still wanted to move weight! This is when I met Mandy Kinzett and joined Crossfit Wired. From day one I loved CrossFit, the style of workouts and the CrossFit community.”

Josh quickly reached his goal of losing weight and becoming healthier, placing an impressive 6th at his first Novice competition. He’d caught the health and fitness bug and there was no turning back.

“It has turned into my lifestyle. I’ve promised myself never to ever be that fat again – I look at the photos of when I weighed 140kg and I don’t even recognise that guy.”

“I may be a little OCD [when it comes to training] but it works for me and I’ve been able to achieve every goal I’ve set so far!”

His training is now scientifically based with everything mapped out to achieve specific goals, whether for bodybuilding, CrossFit or Olympic weightlifting. More importantly, Josh has been able rebuild his confidence and self-esteem, making lifelong friends along the way.

“I have met some really amazing people – both in bodybuilding and CrossFit. They have become some of my closest friends,” says Josh.

“But the most rewarding thing of all is that I get to work out and share my love of bodybuilding and CrossFit with my fiancée Lynda!”

While Narconon Drug Rehabilitation Centre gave Josh the tools to stay clean and live a productive life, he had to take those tools and use them every day to create a life he loves.


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