Empower yourself by Geoff Edwards

Empower yourself by Geoff Edwards

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Have you ever felt totally aligned, powerful and “in the zone” – then something happened, a trigger from a past event, a casual word mentioned by someone, or an interaction with a friend or business associate, which caused you to separate yourself from your true power? You’re now “out of the zone” and running on autopilot. Joe Dispenza,one of the world’s leading authorities on the interconnectedness of the brain, refers to the fact that all of our response mechanisms are stored in our body through emotional experiences and chemical reactions, so our body ends up running our mind. This is autopilot. How many of these “autopilot” situations occur in your life and, more importantly, have you ever stopped to take notice? There is a way to change, and it is through creating a new reality for you based on empowerment.


Start by reflecting on your life journey, experiences, successes and any challenges. Ask yourself what motivates you, what you enjoy, what causes you stress and how you sabotage yourself. Be honest with the answers. Write them down.


  •          What motivates you?
  •          How do you tend to sabotage yourself?
  •          How do you enjoy yourself?
  •          If you could have anything in the world what would it be?
  • What causes you stress, and are you able to release it?
  • What would the perfect “you” be like?
  • What are you proud about?


Next, challenge your own perceptions through your improved awareness, especially on the way you look at things, as well as how you label them. Do you have a “glass half empty perspective”? If you're not sure what your answer is, then you need to pay more attention to how you react to certain situations, be aware of when these thoughts come, and address them before they happen so that you can control them. Ask your friends, associates and colleagues for their honest opinion and feedback on how they really see you.


Your beliefs are personal to you and they form the basis of your world. When beliefs are established in your mind, they become your own personal truth and you see that perspective only: you are creating your own vision of reality! Your mind looks for ways to prove that your beliefs are right… and guess what… you will be right all the time. If you believe you’re not good enough, your mind will constantly keep looking for ways to prove that you are not good enough. Beliefs take a hold because they go unquestioned. At a deeper level we do know that our beliefs are not truths; that’s why we keep looking for ways to prove that they’re right. The important thing to understand is what your beliefs are, if they are empowering or disempowering and if so, finding the best way to change.


Stress is caused by thinking, regardless of whether the situation is worthy of anxiety or not. Your body physically reacts to your thought processes – not the other way around! Overall, a certain level of stress is okay, however, it is important for you to decide what level of stress is right for you. So, take notice of stressors in your life and how you respond to them.


After you have done some work on changing your beliefs, altering your perception and managing stress, there may still be some aspects where you find it difficult to free your mind from obstacles. Remember that it’s all a state of mind and changing your mind can be done very quickly. The way you see the world is based on your mental images, sounds and feelings. What you are really doing is changing your mental CD. By knowing your internal communications, your rules, references, beliefs, perceptions and associations, you can create a change.  ENDSMMH


  •          Be clear on your vision
  •          Reflect on the journey
  •          Challenge your perceptions
  •          Alter negative beliefs
  •          Take the next step only
  •          Be present and in the flow
  •          Acknowledge success every day 

Geoff Edwards is an internationally accredited Life Coach with over 25 years of coaching experience who can support you on your journey to success with results that last. He can be contacted via through his website or Facebook. 

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