Shape up your style by Craig Lawson

Shape up your style by Craig Lawson

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This year’s spring vibe is a mix of city sophistication meets the beach with a touch of sporty. Australian fashion labels have delivered the old favourites and given them a fresh makeover. There is a strong, chilled masculine appeal with clothing ready to take you from the beach to the street with ease. The bold colours from last year have been replaced by shades in neutral tones of black, grey, blue and white. This season, look for edgy detail and tailored styles that are not so loose fitting as in previous years. For a relaxed summer hairstyle choose beach spray products to give that just-out-of-the water look.


Distressed denim is back in a big way but with more futuristic appeal. This doesn’t mean to rip the pants yourself – you’re not a teenager any more! Leave the ripped element to the experts for that designer edge. Denim is more fitted with cool biker detail and the fabric is lightweight to combat the heat. Technology has made for excellent-looking stretch denim that is perfect to show muscle definition and contour with leg shape. Distressed denim shorts are the must-have trend of the hotter months so buy them in several different colours. Let the denim be the feature of your look and opt to wear with a simple white fitted tee or singlet.

This season is all about the surfer vibe, and it’s been kicked up a gear by crossing over into street wear with a metropolitan direction. The clothing is more tailored with fantastic graphic prints and quality fabrics. Don’t think you’ll get away with wearing board shorts, a singlet and thongs. Not on my watch! Style it up with a waistcoat, silver chains or a slogan tee to really express yourself. In the water, boxer short swimwear is the leading style and great for all ages. Board shorts are always a safe option but go for loud prints to up the fun factor. Speedos are not for the faint-hearted – but always a good option when feeling body-confident.

Sunglasses are always sunshine essentials and this season it’s all about multi-coloured lenses. Oakley has delivered a fresh range of styles for great effect when hitting the beach that will add that extra pop of colour. Keep those feet happy and let them breathe, choose quality leather sandals that will wear better and be far more comfortable as the weather heats up. Sneakers are also hot right now; guys are even teaming them with dress pants for cool street appeal. High-tops are the sneakers of the moment; opt for colour as a surefire way to get people talking.

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