In the ring with Cesaro

In the ring with Cesaro

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WWE recently toured Australia, how did you find the country and Australian fans?
It was great; you know this is my third time in Australia and I still love it. We only come to Australia once a year which is good and bad, obviously I would love to come to Australia more than once a year but it’s good that the fans are excited to see us.

You visited the Brisbane Lions (AFL) and went down to training where you took part in some of the drills. What do you think of Australian Rules football?
It was a lot of fun and me and Wade [Barrett] almost didn’t want to leave! We both love European football and Aussie Rules is completely different so we had a lot of fun. Hopefully next time we come back we can go to a game or something.

Here at MMH, we’re all about training, fitness and health. What does a regular day of training look like for you – is there anything you do on a daily basis to keep your physique and health in check?
Well, the only thing I do on a daily basis to keep my physique is to eat well and work out – and the workouts always change, I think that’s the trick to it. I always try to find better workouts or try to improve myself so the workouts change all the time. 

There is a youth movement currently in WWE with lots of fresh talent coming up and newer faces, yourself
included, and guys like Dean Ambrose or Seth Rollins. Is the WWE in really good hands moving forward with all of these newer names?
Definitely. It’s an exciting group of people that are just fighting and coming up and there’s a younger generation that’s sort of leading the way – it’s a very exciting time right now.

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