5 foods you need to eat to grow

5 foods you need to eat to grow

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We all have our favourite musclebuilding training program. Or perhaps it’s our go-to supplement stack for assisting with our bulking phase. But what about our diet and the food we eat to grow? Simply consuming calories to excess should lead
to growth (albeit muscle and fat), however it may not be the optimal way to add lean muscle mass.

How to Build Muscle

When it comes to building muscle we need three components: TRAINING STRESS – Resistance training stresses the muscles, joints and nervous system, sending signals for the body to adapt.

ADEQUATE RECOVERY – The body needs to heal and recover from the stresses of training. Without adequate recovery we cannot adapt and grow.

SUPPORTIVE DIET – Perhaps the most important of the three components in regards to muscle growth. Natural 1950s bodybuilder Vince ‘Iron Guru’ Gironda often stated that muscle growth is 90 per cent nutrition. Gironda, a master of
muscle mass and aesthetics, trained in an era before steroids were available. His tremendous physique was a product of nutrient-dense food that optimises our anabolic hormones: testosterone and growth hormone. So what are the top five foods to naturally increase our anabolic hormones, while providing the nutrients to support muscle growth and energy for training? Let’s take a look.

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