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FITNESS MODEL Kynan Nahrung | IMAGES Dallas Olsen

ABS are the key to your core and essentially the key to your whole body as they help with posture and balance - but not everyone has the time to work out for hours to get the results they want! This workout will help you unlock those defined abdominals you are chasing, and the best thing is it will only take you 10 minutes. But wait, there’s a catch! This will be 10 minutes of hard training, which means little rest and a constant push to do more of each exercise within the time allocated.


Scissor Kick 2 minutes 15-30 seconds
Raised Leg Crunch 2 minutes 15-30 seconds
Bent Knee Single Leg Double Crunch 2 minutes 15-30 seconds
Jack Knife 2 minutes 15-30 seconds
Double Crunch with Hold 2 minutes 15-30 seconds

Scissor Kick
SET-UP: Lie on your back with palms facing down and resting under your hips to provide support to your lower back, and your legs extended and together.
ACTION: Raise your torso up a couple of inches (5-10cm) as you lift your heels off the floor by approximately 15cm. Make small, rapid, alternating up-and-down scissor-like movements as you lift each leg 45 degrees in the air and lower each until your heel is a few centimetres off the floor. The pace of the scissors motion is fairly rapid, and should only take two seconds in total to complete the full upward/downward movements.
TIP: To increase core function, change the height you raise your legs throughout the set and increase intensity towards the end of the set.

Raised Leg Crunch
TARGET: Upper abs
SET-UP: Lie on your back with your hands cupped behind your head. Bend your legs so that your knees create a 90-degree angle and raise them in the air.
ACTION: Keeping your legs fixed in place, bring your torso toward your quads by raising your shoulder blades off the floor slightly. Squeeze abs hard at the top and then slowly lower yourself back to the starting position and repeat.

Bent Knee Single Leg Double Crunch
TARGET: Upper and lower abs
SET-UP: Lie on your back and interlock your fingers behind your head. Cross one foot over the opposite quad.
ACTION: Crunch your torso upwards while simultaneously bringing the straight leg towards your torso. Squeeze your core before lowering both your upper body and legs to the floor, then repeat.
TIP: Complete all reps with each leg before switching; the set is complete once you’ve worked this crunch with both legs in the bent position.

Jack Knife
TARGET: Upper and lower abs
SET-UP: Lie on the floor with your arms straight overhead and legs straight. Raise your arms and legs roughly 15cm off the floor.
ACTION: Keeping legs and arms straight, raise your feet and hands together above your waist. Slowly lower back to a point just a few inches (5cm) from the floor, keeping your limbs as straight as possible then repeat.
TIP: To vary the muscles involved, take your hands to either side of your legs on each rep.

Double Crunch with Hold
TARGET: Upper and lower abs
SET-UP: Lie on the floor with your legs straight and your arms overhead.
ACTION: Simultaneously crunch your torso towards your legs while bending your knees and bringing your legs towards your upper body. At the top, wrap your arms around your bent knees, holding and squeezing your abs for two counts. Release and repeat.
TIP: Don’t relax at the top - use the hold to squeeze your abs and core for a hard count before releasing.

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