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Built To Last

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Life is very busy, very fast and our attention is often grabbed by the next thing that comes along. Today we have so many alerts, messages, emails and phone calls it is no wonder we see people glued to their smart phones. In fact, I am sure you may have noticed people going across pedestrian crossings while looking at their phone. It’s great to see that they make it to the other side without any mishaps!

Technology is amazing, due to the credit of pioneers such as Steve Jobs and many others, and we have information at our fingertips and amazing connections globally. However, do you have the feeling sometimes that you are “caught up” in it all and have no time to build your success? Winston Churchill, a great leader during World War II, had a vision 300 years ahead. While that is incredible, I am not suggesting that here. However, it is important to build approaches in your life for future success. In the many years I have been working with people to assist them in becoming successful, certain themes came together to create a great result: a success formula! With goals, actions, insights and achievements as tools and support resources, the concept of “Built to Last” evolved. So, would you like the opportunity to create your own success formula now? Read on…

A Recap on Your Life
So, where is your life at now? Is your busy life filled with appointments, demands, work or running a business? Quite often we don’t have time to see where we would like to head and we may end up somewhere we don’t want to be. It is important to step away from it all and reflect on important aspects of your life and where you want to go. Find some time for yourself in a quiet place to reflect on the following questions:

What motivates you?
How do you tend to sabotage yourself?
What drives you?
How do you have fun?
What do you want to change?
What do you do to look after yourself on a regular basis?
What are your strong points?
When were you happiest in your life? Why?
If you could have anything in the world what would it be?
What do you want the rest of your life to be about?

These answers will give you some broad areas of focus in your life and then you can then develop exciting goals. Write them down.
For example, a few of your goals might be:
Double resilience
Develop a career plan
Increase business turnover
Run a marathon
Ascend Mt Everest

The Journey
The next step is to take action towards these goals and maintain focus. For example: take an art class, make a phone call to a friend, create a change in your gym program or eat at home rather than go out to dinner. Maybe you could do something else at work that would lead to an improvement, or volunteer in the community.

Then, it is important to take note of situations that arise daily that may take you away from your new approach. By removing automatic unconscious responses to demands, you will create space and awareness. You will then have a life based around your true values. In addition, by reviewing progress regularly you will realise that success becomes the progressive accumulation of small steps.

So, the simple message is to have a broad guideline for your life with some more specific goals. For each goal take the next action only, rather than working out a detailed plan for the next 12 months, then trust in the process and flow of life as the “clues will come to you.”

Your own Success Formula
To develop your own success formula, use the following as a guide:
Create a vision of the future
Display relevant photos in your life
Write down goals and actions taken
Note insights and achievements
Recognise important people in your life
Work on strengths and weaknesses
Beliefs, drivers and a balanced view
Use the tools and resources available

Find a journal or a place where you could record aspects for your life using the template and your goals as a reference each day and see what evolves. Ensure you have time to do this each day and then reflect back on your success formula.

Overall, what I have discovered in working with individuals is that by taking time out and away from distractions, people’s lives evolve in exciting new ways. I welcome any feedback on my articles, or suggestions for future topics. In addition, if you would like to share any successes that you feel excited about, please let me know. MMH

Geoff Edwards is an internationally accredited Life Coach with over 25 years of coaching experience who can support you on your journey to success with results that last. He can be contacted via or through his website

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