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For Nick Cheadle, landing the cover of Men’s Muscle and Health is the realisation of a long-term goal – just one more to tick off on his quickly growing list of achievements. With an enviable physique, a humble attitude and a passion to inspire, the young 26 year old certainly lives up to his new title of the Ultimate MMH Man. Already a leader in the fitness industry, Nick is excited by the opportunity to share his views on sustainable eating and training practices to an even wider audience.

Here Nick shares exclusive bonus content on his dieting practises that you won’t read anywhere else! For the full interview, grab your copy of MMH Nov/Dev issue from your local newsagency, or subscribe online today!

So Nick, what staple food items would we expect see if we were to open up your fridge/pantry?

Lean meats, pre-prepared ‘Workout Meals’, fresh fruit and veggies, yoghurt, ice-cream, chocolate, pasta, rice and Optimum Nutrition supplements.

What’s your number one tip for maintaining a healthy diet?

Tracking your daily calorie and macronutrient intake with your goals in mind will ultimately allow you to control and manipulate your body composition in an optimal manner. Focusing on consuming adequate fibre, 2-4 servings of fruit and vegetables each day plus drinking plenty of water within those targets is going to allow you to be as healthy and perform as best as possible.

What’s you position on “cheat meals” – do you have them/not have them and why?

I don’t believe in cheat meals, but rather choose to consume the foods I crave in moderation within my daily macronutrient parameters.

Can you share with the MMH readers a sample of your daily diet?

Each day my diet involves meeting specific macronutrient requirements and nutritional guidelines. These numbers will change in line with my goals and activity levels in order to encourage continued and optimal progress. My current macros are around 265g of protein, 100g of fat and 320g of carbs. In meeting these numbers I’ll typically aim to consume 3-4 serves of vegetables, 1-2 serves of fruit and 20-40g of dietary fibre as a minimum. I eat anywhere from 3-5 meals per day, depending on my schedule, what I have planned for the day as far as work and food is concerned, food preparation, social commitments etc – the idea is for my diet to fit into my lifestyle whilst still remaining within my target macronutrient parameters. It’s far less important WHAT you eat, in comparison to HOW MUCH. A typical day might look like:


Meal 1: 2 Scoops Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey – Banana Cream or Salted Caramel Flavour


Meal 2: Low fat Greek yoghurt with oats, fruit, peanut butter or toast or cereal. Skim Cappuccino is non-negotiable.


Meal 3: Lean source of protein such as chicken, ground turkey or beef with starchy carbs such as rice, sweet potato or pumpkin and leafy green and other coloured veggies/ low fat cheese/ sauce. Typically, ground turkey, brown rice, mixed vegetables, cheese and barbeque sauce.


Meal 4 (if applicable): Typically the same as Meal 3.


Meal 5: Dinner is typically one of 5 or 6 meals, depending on how I’ve eaten through the rest of the day & how many macros/ calories I have left over for the day. Usually this is where I’ll be a little more creative or arrange for a meal out or to let my hair down. Mexican style burrito bowl/baked chicken with fries and veggies/pizza/ burgers/sushi etc – always within my target macros. If I’m strapped for time then I’ll grab another meal that is similar to how I eat throughout the day. I’m fortunate enough to be sponsored by Workout Meals Delivered which takes care of all my meal prep needs.


Dessert: Chocolate/ice cream/Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey if short on protein for the day.





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