Real Food for Real Muscles

Real Food for Real Muscles

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RECIPES Jahmin Daga and Michelle Dryburgh | IMAGES Justin Smith

I have always loved food, so when I met my girlfriend Michelle and discovered she had coeliac disease, I was worried. The thought of giving up gluten – such as bread and my favourite pasta dishes - was hard enough, let alone saying goodbye to beer and chicken parma at the pub. But I did it, filling up instead on her pantry of gluten-free products, gaining a puffy face and round belly in the process.

Then she decided to cut out all grains, dairy and refined sugar. I knew it meant she would feel better, so despite my hesitations, I picked the shortest month of the year and committed to it, for 28 days.

February finished, March came and went, and we were still eating this way. Before long I’d dropped 12kg and my muscle definition had returned.

Michelle had been blogging about her gluten-free life for a while, and as our diets changed, the blog did too. We’ve been sharing recipes and nutritional information as ‘The Real Foodies’ for a couple of years now, and just launched our first cookbook, Real Food for Real People. All of the recipes are quick and easy to make, support a clean eating lifestyle, and they’re 100 per cent free of gluten, grain, dairy and refined sugar. We eat this way for health reasons, but the high-protein dishes will support your efforts in the gym too. These are some of our favourites, enjoy!

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