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Describe yourself in three words.

Christian, Fit, Conqueror

What is your favourite food to indulge on? How often do you treat yourself?

My favourite entrée would be a pepperoni, pineapple and bacon stuffed crust pizza from pizza hut. My favourite dessert would be key lime cheesecake. I try to give myself one or two cheat meals per week if I don’t have a fitness shoot coming up.

What is your favourite home-cooked meal and who cooks it?

That would be a toss-up between my mum’s homemade chilli or her homemade lasagne. My mother is such an incredible cook!

What are the staples in your fridge?

Whole eggs, egg whites in the carton, Greek yoghurt and meals from my Icon Meals food sponsor.

What is your favourite body part to train and why?

My favourite body part to train is definitely shoulders as I feel I am lacking in that area the most. That just makes me all the more excited to train them.

What is your least favourite body part to train and why?

My least favourite body part to train is probably legs, but not because I am a wimp that doesn’t train legs, but rather because I have trouble walking for several days after training legs!

Do you prefer to train outdoors or indoors?

For weight training I prefer to train indoors at the fitness centre, as that is typically where the equipment is that I need for weight training. I also do my GoodBoyFitness HIRT to HIIT workout videos inside my apartment too. However, sometimes for cardio I enjoy speed walking/jogging outdoors at Runyon Canyon.

Can you describe the atmosphere in your favourite place to train?

My favourite place to train is Gold’s Gym, Venice (The Mecca). I like training at that gym because it has such dedicated bodybuilding and fitness professionals and it motivates me to train so much harder. The motivating pictures of all the Mr Olympia champions on the wall is cool as well. Finally, I love all the TVs that show videos of top bodybuilders training and competing.

Do you prefer cardio or weights?

I prefer weights as that is the biggest part of my healthy addiction. I simply love the challenges and results that come from weight training.

Name five (5) things you can't live without.

  1. My Bible
  2. Cell phone
  3. Caffeine
  4. Chocolate
  5. Music

Name three (3) things most people don’t know about you.

  1. I’ve been break-dancing since I was 12 years old
  2. I was a stunter/tumbler on the Indiana State University Cheer Squad my last two years of college AND we went to Nationals both of those years as well.
  3. I was scrawny and bullied all the way through high school.

I'm currently preparing for:

Just continually staying in shape all year around as I travel to a lot of fitness shows throughout the year for my company, GoodBoyFitness, and all of my sponsors. My next scheduled fitness shoot is at the Mr Olympia in Las Vegas however, I’m sure that many fitness shoots will end up getting schedule before then as they always come up last minute!


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