Kick Start Your Legs

Kick Start Your Legs

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Not only will training legs help you run faster, it will also help with cycling, swimming and every other sport where you need those pins to shift into high gear. The following strength workout has been designed with this is mind, targeting both leg strength and overall endurance. Armed with this workout, you will be able to develop the functional, athletic legs you need, while creating the aesthetically pleasing look you desire. So go on, GET LEGS!

Barbell Squats 2 - 3 15 - 20
Deadlifts 2 - 3 10 - 15
Explosive Shoulder Press 2 15 - 20
Lunges 2 15 - 20
KB Follow Through 2 15 - 20

* The reps in this workout are high, so your
weights should be manageable and rests kept to
a minimum. Go too heavy and you’ll defeat the
purpose of this fast-paced program.

Barbell Front Squats
TARGET MUSCLES: Quads, hamstrings and glutes.

SET-UP: Stand up straight with the bar across the front of your shoulders and your feet just outside shoulder-width, toes pointed out slightly. Keep your chest and back flat, eyes focused forward. Palms should be facing up.

ACTION: With your abs tight, bend your knees and hips as if sitting in a chair until your thighs are parallel with the floor. Reverse the motion by driving through your heels and pressing your hips forward to return to the start position.

TIP: Keep your elbows lifted throughout the movement as it will help you rise out of a heavy squat.

Explosive Shoulder Press
TARGET MUSCLES: Shoulders, arms and calves.

SET-UP: Start with your legs slightly bent and feet shoulder-width apart. Lean your upper body forward, with arms extended at your knees. Grip is overhand, with thumbs facing in.

ACTION: With a slight jump, pull the weight up your body, bending your arms and catching the weight at your shoulders - palms facing out. From here, dip your knees slightly and drive the weights vertically overhead. This should be one fluid movement.

TIP: For an extra challenge, rise up on your toes as you push the weights vertically overhead. This will really work the calf muscles.

TARGET MUSCLES: Hamstrings, erector spinae and glutes

SET-UP: Starting with the bar on the ground, squat down slightly and take an overhand grip on the bar. Hands are just outside your hips with thumbs facing in. Feet should be just
outside shoulder-width and eyes are facing forward.

ACTION: Keeping a flat back, begin to stand up, lifting the bar up your shins as you do so. Upon reaching you knees, push your hips forward as you continue to lift the bar until your legs reach full extension. Exhale at the top before lowering the bar back down to starting position.

TIP: Instead of using your back, focus on contracting your hamstrings to lift your upper body up.

Kettlebell Follow-through
TARGET MUSCLES: Shoulders and glutes

NOTE: This is not the Russian Kettlebell Swing. A follow-through is a controlled strength movement that can similarly be performed with a dumbbell, weight-plate or even a medicine ball.

SET-UP: Position a kettlebell between your legs. With a wide squat stance, grab the kettlebell with both hands.

ACTION: As you stand up, lift the weight ut in front of you to shoulder height, before controlling the weight back down. Avoid swinging the kettlebell. The weight should not touch the ground in between reps and instead should come just under the groin before starting the next rep.


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