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FITNESS MODEL Corey Hawke | IMAGES Dallas Olsen

MAKING UP TWO-THIRDS OF YOUR UPPER ARM, WORKING ON YOUR TRICEPS CAN MAKE A HUGE DIFFERENCE TO THE SIZE OF YOUR GUNS! But targeting all three heads (long, lateral and medial) can be tricky, which is why we have put together this specialised drop set plan to accelerate your muscle growth from horseshoe to humerus.

The plan will push your triceps past their normal work threshold, exhausting them and at the same time giving you a vein-popping pump. However, this pump will do more than boost your confidence – its real job is to deliver blood and nourishment to your muscles, encouraging them to heal and grow faster.

For each exercise you will begin with two relatively heavy working sets. Choose a weight that will allow you to achieve 10-12 reps, using good form and slow, controlled contractions. On your third set, start with the same weight as your first two sets and go for as many reps as possible (to failure). From there, decrease the weight slightly and again perform as many reps as possible until failure. But wait – we’re not finished yet! Drop the weight one more time, and use all your grit to push out as many reps as you possibly can until your triceps are physically begging for mercy. Then, dear friends, you are done.


Standing Barbell Overhead Extension 5 8-10
High-pulley Overhead Rope Extension 5 5-12*
Single Arm Cable Extension 5 5-12*

* Drop Set: as you perform your drop sets, your rep capacity will decrease, so don’t be surprised to get fewer reps with each of your drops.

Standing Barbell Overhead Extension
SET-UP: Standing with your feet hip-width apart and a slight bend in the knees, take an overhand grip on the bar. Lift the bar overhead and extend so that your arms are straight and shoulders, elbows and wrists are stacked.
ACTION: Keeping your arms close in beside your ears, lower the bar in an arc behind you until your forearms touch your biceps before raising back to starting position, squeezing your tris hard at the top. Remember to keep your upper arms stationary throughout the movement and your core tight to protect your back.

TIP: To ensure you maintain maximum tension on your triceps muscles throughout the move, don’t let your elbows flare outwards – keep them pointed start ahead at all times.

High-Pulley Overhead Rope Extension
SET-UP: Using a rope attachment on the high pulley of the cable machine, turn your back to the weight stack and grab the rope by both hands overhead, arms bent. Take a large step forward and, with a straight back, bend forward from your waist and pull your elbows in close to your ears - creating tension in the cable.
ACTION: Keeping your elbows in, straighten your arms by pressing the ends of the rope out in front of you. Pause for a moment at full extension before slowly bending your elbows and returning to the start position, resisting the pull of the weights as you do so.

TIP: Keep your elbows in your peripheral vision at all times throughout the movement. If they disappear from view, it’s likely your back is arching and you could be putting yourself at risk of injury.

Single Arm Cable Extension
SET-UP: Using a D-handle on the high pulley of the cable machine, stand sideways with one side of your body facing the weight stack and the other facing away. With your outside hand, grasp the D-handle with the cable running behind you. Your upper arm should be parallel to the ground at shoulder level, your elbow bent and pointing away from you and your hand just behind your head.
ACTION: Keeping your shoulder square, straighten your arm by extending the elbow and pulling the cable away from you. Continue until your entire arm is parallel to the ground, and pause here at full extension before slowing returning the start position.

TIP: Avoid scratching your head or neck with the cable, step slightly in front of the pulley so that it runs just behind you without making contact with your skin.

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