Creating a Signature Physique

Creating a Signature Physique

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Hey Caleb, congratulations on winning the Signature Fitness Transformation challenge. Your prize was a photo shoot with Men’s Muscle and Health chief photographer Dallas Olsen, and of course a ripped physique! Is this your first photo shoot?
CG: Actually, I won a photo shoot six weeks into the competition at a fitness expo. So I did a little photo shoot then – it was pretty cool and I guess it was getting me set up for this, really. I like seeing how my progress has paid off from all that hard work and a professional photographer always brings that out - so that’s always good!

What made you decide to take on the Signature Fitness Challenge?
CG: I’m 20 years old now, I started training when I was 18, and I just felt like I’d hit a plateau and I wasn’t going anywhere. I felt I was training hard but as far as my diet and nutrition was going I wasn’t educated enough to change it or to know what to be eating so I decided to do it to get out of a rut really.

Lenny, you’re the head trainer at Signature Fitness. Why did you decide to run this competition, and what made it different to all the other ‘transformations’ out there?
LC: The male transformation is something I’ve wanted to put together for some time. We run high-end transformations, that’s our thing, we do small group training but individual nutrition. Initially you have to generalise [the nutrition] a little, a blanket approach, and then as the program went on, they all trained together but came in for nutritional consults every three weeks. That’s why it went so well.

That’s a lot of work that you’ve taken on; do you think the results were worth it?
LC: Big time. The majority of the guys went from the average Joe to shredded. So they went from 16 per cent down to 10 per cent. It wasn’t really designed to put them on stage; it was designed to take the average guy who has never been that lean before and turn them in to a lean Australian.
CG: I’ve definitely taken so much out of this competition. Even my training techniques and all that, but definitely nutrition would be the hardest yet most important thing I’ve learnt.
Of course, nutrition is super important when it comes to gaining strength and leaning up at the same time. What was your nutrition like before the competition?
CG: When we were kids, my mum made me and my brother vegetarians. So I guess we didn’t really have the right nutrition in our body to grow. I was about 54kg when I was 17 and I was super skinny and needed to put muscle on!

Are you still a vegetarian?
CG: No, I stopped when I was about 16.

What was the most rewarding part of the program?
CG: Abs! (laughs) The knowledge was definitely rewarding, and the photo shoot! Now I have the knowledge to cut down I can do it again next year, or do it again three months down the track and just focus on doing it by myself. The good thing about Lenny and the way he teaches his clients is that he doesn’t just tell you what to do - he shows you how to work out your diet and your macros and how many calories you should be taking in. It was really good.

So what advice do you have for other guys who want to go from skinny to shredded in 12 weeks? What kind of attitude does it take to get to this level of physique?
CG: Definitely go get group training like Lenny does with Signature Fitness because even if it’s just for a 12-week period you learn so much and you take that knowledge away with you and you can apply it later on in life.
LC: You can tell from someone like Caleb; he was there first for every session, he even used to come in early. I think the mindset you need is just to be consistent. In Caleb’s mindset there was never really a question that he wasn’t going to do it, no matter how hard it got. That’s why he did so well; he lived and breathed it.

Now that the challenge is over, where do you go from here?
CG: I’m definitely never going to stop training legs for the rest of my life (laughs). Everyone who goes to the gym and trains knows you’re never big enough! Obviously I’ll continue training. I want to get into the competitive side of things later on but I’ve got to focus on my personal life a bit. The last 12 weeks I haven’t had much of a social life (laughs) - but definitely in the future I want to compete.
LC: I think after having finished this program he [Caleb] should have a couple of weeks off, a couple of weeks rest, because it does take a little bit of time to get over it since he has done everything to the gram!MMH

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