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Lift Your Game

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When you think of powerlifting, you might think of athletes pushing extremely heavy weights that are beyond the capability of the average gym-goer. It’s long been a misconception that powerlifting is a sport suitable only for serious athletes and ‘crazy muscle men’, but it turns out to be very practical for a much wider population. Now powerlifting training techniques are starting to gain huge traction in the gym as people realise the power they can add to their training regime, regardless of what sport they’re training for.

Whether you’re a runner, footy player or CrossFit competitor, it’s likely that your chosen sport will benefit in some way from increased strength or having greater power production. Strength, in particular functional strength, can make you more resilient to injury, more balanced in your muscle development and make you more efficient too, whether you’re running up a steep hill or picking up an opponent in a tackle or judo throw.

To build functional strength, then, why not borrow from a sport that specialises in it? Enter powerlifting.

Dominic Cadden, a coach and endurance athlete turned World Masters and Commonwealth Open powerlifting champion, says for those who have discovered the benefits, powerlifting seems like an obvious choice for building functional strength.

“It comes down to this - do you want to be that guy in the gym who looks like Tarzan but lifts like Jane, or do you want to be good at a sport and functional for a variety of activities?

“Powerlifting can help you have a stronger, more resilient body with greater power-to-weight ratio – vital characteristics for pretty much every sport out there.”

“The flipside of this is when people think they have to lift in a bodybuilding fashion because they think that if they get more muscle they will be stronger and more effective at their sport. But a bigger muscle doesn’t necessarily mean stronger.

Generally, when you become stronger in proportion to your size, you become more effective at your sport.

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