Finding Confidence in Fitness

Finding Confidence in Fitness

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When you first meet James Ellis, you can’t help but feel like you’re catching up with an old friend. His laid-back attitude immediately puts you at ease as he begins to talk confidently about his passion for health and fitness. This is a guy who has surely never had a problem with self-esteem. With biceps busting out of his fitted white T-shirt, he flashes a quick smile when asked about where it all began. The answer comes as a surprise.

“Being the scrawny cross-country runner made me a target to get picked on and bullied all too often. I can think of several times when I’d be out putting in my miles for cross-country or track and these guys would get a good laugh out of pushing me into the pond,” says James.

“All of this bullying killed my self-esteem and caused me to be the kid who walked with his head down in the hallways and had a lack faith in his ability to succeed in anything.”
But with more than 50 magazine covers to his name (51 if you count this very issue of MMH), James is the one laughing now. His ripped physique has been an inspiration to thousands around the globe who want to take their fitness to the next level. So how did James go from skinny to Spartan? It all came down to some tough love from his mother.
“My mother told me that many of my teachers were laughing at the fact that I decided to go to college because they believed that I would flunk out in my first year. She told me to use their doubt to prove them wrong and fuel me towards success.”

The conversation created a healthy anger within James that he said was only fuelled further by other people’s doubts. “Most people knew me as the scrawny kid and didn’t believe that I would ever be able to put on any kind of muscle. So, I started lifting with one of my roommates in my second year of college and within a year I was already proving those doubters wrong.”

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