Kettlebell Follow-through

Kettlebell Follow-through

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Kettlebell Follow-through

TARGET MUSCLES: Shoulders and glutes

NOTE: This is not the Russian Kettlebell Swing. A follow-through is a controlled strength movement that can similarly be performed with a dumbbell, weight-plate or even a medicine ball.

SETUP: Position a kettlebell between your legs. With a wide squat stance, grab the kettlebell with both hands.

ACTION: As you stand up, lift the weight out in front of you to shoulder height, before controlling the weight back down. Avoid swinging the kettlebell. The weight should not touch the ground in between reps and instead should come just under the groin before starting the next rep.

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Esat Emre Agis is a private personal trainer, qualified chef and an experienced weight management consultant.Growing up, he spent his time playing soccer and practised every other sport his small town had to offer. Esat uses his expertise from sports, nutritional background and consulting work to help others set and achieve their goals as well as improve their general health. Esat believes that having the right mindset is vital to success in anything he does – ‘motivate the mind, and the body will follow’.


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