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Once overweight, bullied and suffering an isolated childhood, to now a slim, happy guy, Silvestro Musumeci lost 75kg (152kg down to 77kg). He’s now kept the weight off for 12 years: a feat only 1 per cent of people who have lost weight manage to achieve.

IT WAS EASTER 2003. MY YOUNGER BROTHER JOHN WAS THERE. HE HAD RECENTLY LOST AROUND 20 KILOS FROM WATCHING WHAT HE ATE AND UNDERTAKING AN EXERCISE PROGRAM, WHICH PROVIDED A SPARK IN ME TO ALSO LOSE WEIGHT. Little did I know then that this spark would turn out to be a firecracker! John had just purchased a handheld video recorder and had been filming us over the day.

As we watched and teased my brother’s less than perfect filming technique, another emotion stirred in me, underneath all the laughter. I had always seen pictures of myself and felt the usual reality shock that came from seeing your body reflected back to you in a photograph, but never had I seen myself in a three-dimensional way like I was seeing now on my brother’s amateur Easter day movie. There I was in full frontal view – front on, side on and from behind, as I walked away from the camera. You don’t often see yourself from behind, and let me say: it was a shock!

I continued to laugh with everyone because I was used to laughing when I was really crying inside. This time, I knew it was more than tears that festered inside of me; it was a feeling I couldn’t quite describe, other than the sickest of feelings in the pit of my stomach. I knew this time was different.

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