6 Moves for More Mass

6 Moves for More Mass

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6 Moves for More Mass

Grow your chest in just three weeks with these six easy moves

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But the problem is, once you’ve hit your peak physique, it can be hard to generate more mass in this area. You need a strategy, which is why we’ve come up with six moves that are guaranteed to leave your muscles no choice but to grow! By the end of this 3-week plan you’ll be heading out to buy new T-shirts that fit your recently acquired Johnny Bravo bulk.

HOW IT WORKS: One mistake often made in the pursuit of a bigger chest is forgetting the importance of your latissimus dorsi – the upper-back muscles that flare out from your sides. When it comes to width, these are your body’s largest muscles and a little love in this area can help double your results in no time. This routine will ensure you train with balance, using a push/pull technique that will superset one chest exercise (the push) with one back exercise (the pull). Combining opposite muscle-group exercises will see you exhausting your muscles faster and with less weight. This is a good thing because the less weight used, the less stress your joints will be under, helping you maintain this intense three-week schedule. For week one you’ll use heavy weights, low reps and an essential full two-minute rest between supersets. For the last two weeks you’ll increase your reps and sets, using lighter weights and shorter rest periods. This switch will keep your muscles guessing and allow enough time to recover, so you can push through the 21-day cycle for visible gains.


Note: there should be three rest days in between each workout to allow your body to fully recover and adapt. For example, if you trained Day One on a Monday, your next training day would be Thursday.

Superset 1

A. Bench Press

TARGET MUSCLES: Upper pectorals, shoulders and triceps

SET-UP: Lie back on a flat bench. Grasp the bar with an outside shoulder-width, overhand grip.Hold the bar above your chest with your arms extended.

ACTION: Inhale as you lower the bar, keeping your elbows close to your body. Don’t bounce the bar off your chest but rather, when the bar is 2-3cm from your chest, pause and press the bar back up to starting position.

TIP: Ensure your back, head and buttocks remain in contact with the bench as you lift. Arching your back will allow other muscles, such as your triceps, to step in and help push the weight up instead of focusing the full attention on your chest.



B. Bent-Over Row

TARGET MUSCLES: Latissimus dorsi, middle trapezius and lower back

SET-UP: Standing with your feet shoulderwidth apart, grasp the bar with a shoulderwidth, overhand grip. Keeping your knees slightly bent, lean forward at your waist until your torso is roughly parallel to the floor. The barbell should be in front of your shins.

ACTION: Without raising your upper body, pull the bar up toward your abdomen. Bringing your elbows high and above your back, hold the bar in the peak contraction for a brief count, then slowly lower the bar to the starting position and repeat.

TIP: Placing your hands either too wide or too narrow will mean there is less emphasis on your lats, which is the muscle we are trying to target with this move, so keep them at shoulder-width for best results.


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