The Weighted Dip

The Weighted Dip

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The Weighted Dip


TARGET: Lower Pecs

SETUP: Using a dip belt, secure the weight around your waist and grab hold of the dip bars with your arm extended. Alternatively, you could place a dumbbell between your lower legs, just above the feet. Lean slightly forward so you are bent at the hips. Bend your knees, keeping your ankles crossed as you do so.

ACTION: As you lower your body with your arms, allow your elbows to flare slightly until your upper arms are about parallel with the floor. When a slight stretch is felt in the chest or shoulders press your hands into the bars and raise your body back to starting position.

TIP: Imagine you are pressing the two dip bars together, as if performing a crossover. This will ensure you’re working the pecs harder than the tris. Also, look for V-shaped dip bars as they will allow you to tailor your grip distance to suit your ability.

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