Stars, stripes and iron

Stars, stripes and iron

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 Image by Eva Simon

Stars, stripes and iron


Imagine you’re standing there, pumping iron and minding your own business, when a rocket lands at your feet, sending shrapnel into your flesh and exploding the world as you know it. Although you might not be able to tell from his ripped physique and ear-to-ear grin, this is a fate that befell our cover model, Colin Wayne, before he became an international fitness superstar.

At just 24, Colin Wayne has already achieved more than most of us can dream of. A soldier, a fitness model and a father – Colin is an all-round, all-American top bloke. He isn’t the kind of guy who will back down from a challenge either, and has overcome his fair share of adversity to achieve his dreams.
It was in high school that a young and enthusiastic Colin decided he wanted to pursue a career in the military. Despite being smaller than all the other guys, Colin joined the JROTC (Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps) and began his training. In September 2006, just one month after his 17th birthday, Colin enlisted in the Alabama Army National Guard and was shipped off to Basic Training and AIT (Advanced Individual Training).
Colin’s fitness journey began during his second tour of the Middle East, when a friend told him to find a hobby to keep himself busy while overseas. Having always been an active personality, Colin decided to head to the gym and give it a go. It started as a simple way to relieve stress and fill his down time with constructive activity, but after seeing the bigger guys at the gym, it quickly became much more than that. Colin decided to give bodybuilding a try. With the first few noticeable changes in his physique, he was hooked and his passion for iron was ignited.
Two years later, and on a different tour, the unthinkable happened. Colin was standing just feet from the impact of a 107mm IDF rocket attack. With life-threatening injuries, he was airlifted out of the country in order to receive the best possible medical treatment.
Colin sustained a lumbar contusion L1-L3 in his back, permanent tinnitus in his left ear and shrapnel to both arms and his stomach. One piece of shrapnel went all the way through Colin’s leg, narrowly missing his shin. For Colin, it would be a long journey to recovery and, as with many who have served, the battle was more than just physical.
With thoughts of his young son, Colin used his love of fitness and weight training to nurse himself back to health.

 Image by Eva Simon

“Weights helped me feel like I was the person I was before [the accident],” he said. “My effort in the gym proved that I could overcome obstacles far beyond what I ever imagined. That’s when I realised I wasn’t your average guy in the gym.”
For Colin, fitness isn’t just a trend, a fad, or a summer-only activity; it’s a lifestyle. And he aims to give 100 per cent, every single day. He believes consistent exercise benefits you physically and mentally, and that by putting in the time and sweat, it’s possible to create the body you desire.
“You have to be determined and tenacious in your efforts to reach your goals. Everyone wants to be successful, but few are willing to put hard work and endless hours into their dreams.”Since overcoming his injuries, Colin has been picked up by one of the USA’s top fitness modelling agencies and has shot with some of the country’s best photographers. Last year, Colin was chosen as the face of SHREDZ, turning down several other supplement companies to work with them exclusively. And the future looks even brighter, with an upcoming appearance on a popular American TV show.
Not so long ago, a small-framed guy named Colin Wayne walked into a grungy, beat-up old army gym, looked at the biggest guy he could find and said ‘I can be that guy’. All it would take was 100 per cent commitment, shear determination, and – literally – a never-say-die attitude. Now Colin is an international fitness model and wants to know, what’s stopping you?



"I do HIIT every day for 15 minutes on the treadmill, or go to a nearby mountain and do sprint intervals."

CHEST: I really focus on doing 90 per cent incline to get that “Arnold bucket chest.” I’ll do incline flyes, incline dumbbell press, incline press and incline cable flyes. I’ll also do decline press, and use the butterfly machine.

 Image by Jeffrey Sygo

BACK: I always warm up with pull-ups to get a good blood pump before the workout. Then I hit the seated row, dumbbell rows, lat pull-downs and some dead-lifts!

CALVES AND HAMMIES: Even though I’m focusing on hitting hamstrings, I warm up back and forth between quad extensions and the ham extension machine; this allows for good blood pump to prevent injury. Start with a single hamstring curl, wide-leg deadlifts, leg press (feet wide apart) and weighted lunges (take a BIG step) – this will target glutes and hams/calves. Then I do donkey calf raises, standing calf extensions, and leg press extensions.

SHOULDERS/TRAPS: I focus on doing a lot of light weights at heavy reps, and with proper form! A lot of dumbbell isolation movements, front lateral raises, side lateral raises, “around the moon” (to work the front, media and rear delts), shoulder presses (both dumbbells and barbell), and cable extension isolations. For traps I’ll do some dumbbell and bar front/rear raises.


Image by Jeffrey Sygo

ARM DAY: For biceps and triceps day I do a lot of dumbbell exercises on each. For biceps, always the concentrated curl, preacher curls, hammer curls, side curls with dumbbells, along with many others. For triceps I’ll do overhead arm extension, dumbbell skull crushers, dumbbell laying down extension, push downs with cables, and rope cable pushdowns.

QUADS/CALVES: For quads you can’t go past the leg press (feet close to each other), Smith machine lunges, quad extension and front squat. For calves I’ll repeat Wednesday’s workout.

REST DAY: Spend time with loved ones and relax!



Six omega-3 eggs with 5 egg whites

50g of whey isolate protein with banana

230g chicken
1/3 cup of almonds or avocado, 1/2 cup of asparagus

230g steak or salmon, 1/2 tsp of olive oil (straight shot),
1/3 cup of almonds or 2 tbsp of natural peanut butter
1/2 cup of asparagus

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