Music to our Muscles

Music to our Muscles

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Music to our Muscles

By Erin Leckie | Image by Simon Le

DJ Digital Damage is an Australian-based DJ and producer with a passion for Electro and Progressive House music, and a self-confessed obsession for beats that makes you bounce! Last year was a whirlwind for the musician, who performed with some of Australia’s most talented artists and debuted on the international stage. Playing and producing his own tracks since 2007, his ability to create an electric atmosphere in any crowd has seen Digital Damage quickly rise to fame on the House music scene. 


When asked about his proudest career moment, Digital Damage said it was hard to pick a favourite. “I think having the opportunity to take my music on the road and tour the country is a big highlight for me. Every city, club or event is different. The vibe is never the same and I love that.”


“There isn’t a better feeling than playing to a massive crowd, feeling the energy and excitement in room whilst sharing my love for music.  Australia’s clubs are some of the best and the crowds here go insane!”


For the young DJ, it’s all about beats that inspire him to mix, create, and of course, train!


Training six days a week, Digital Damage loves fitness almost as much as music (we said almost!). In 2013 he trained hard to complete a 10-week photo shoot challenge, even hiring a personal trainer to keep him in line.


“When I did my 10-week challenge I had a personal trainer to keep me on track and motivated enough to not have cheat meals [during the challenge], and it really paid off in the end. It’s all about motivation, having a goal and sticking to it.”


Having spent so much time propelling his music career into the limelight, it was time to do the same for his physical goals. The 10-week challenge pushed Digital Damage to see how far he could take his body and helped him develop a deeper understanding and appreciation for the hard work involved in the bodybuilding and fitness modelling industries. He described the experience as one of the most challenging things he’d ever done.


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