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By Erin Leckie | Images by Dallas Olsen 

Ten years ago, Karim El Barche was just a high school teenager, looking for something fun and meaningful in his life. While all the other kids at school started to get into parties and weekend antics, all Karim wanted was to be able to develop himself. It was a rare attitude for someone so young, but one that would eventually see him surpass his wildest dreams of personal and professional success.

Never really feeling comfortable at school, a young Karim wanted to do something to boost his confidence. He tried playing a lot of different sports, but never really got the connection that he was looking for. Until, like many, he stepped into a gym; with its shiny weights, pumping music and electric atmosphere.

“I remember that first day stepping into the gym and instantly knowing it was more than just lifting weights, it was going to be a new lifestyle for me and I’ve never looked back,” he said.

“An average life never appealed to me so I set out on a mission that started with getting in the best shape of my life and continued to hustle from there.”

Karim explained that during his first year of training, his sole focus was on making progress with his physique. He simply copied the other guys who had the bodies he aspired to, and worked his arse off. According to Karim, sometimes it’s just about getting it done, rather than perfecting it.

“Too many people wait for tomorrow with the idea that they need to perfect their training and diet before getting started, but in most cases tomorrow never comes.”

But he didn’t wing it for long. The 22-year-old has never been one to do things in halves, and so Karim set about learning everything he could in the health, fitness and business industries. He prides himself on having learnt from some of the top trainers and coaches around the world, including Charles Poliquin, Mike O’Hearn, Ulisses Jnr, Jordan Belfort, Mark Ottobre, Travis Jones and Calvin Coyles.

“If I can give you one tip on success it would be to start modelling the behaviour and lifestyle of the successful people living the lifestyle you want to live.”

As a young entrepreneur, Karim believes his chief priority is maintaining a high, positive energy and feeling good in order to get the job done. As a personal trainer, he also believes in practising what he preaches, which is why he maintains his health and fitness year round.

“I know the healthier I am the happier I am. If that doesn’t motivate me I don’t know what would.”

“I owe my success in life, including my ability to overcome challenges, to health and fitness. I would not be where I am now without learning the key lessons that training teaches you.”

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