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Describe yourself in three words:
Ambitious. Driven. Adventurous. 

What is your favourite food to indulge in?
My absolute favourite is Japanese. Every week I visit my favourite Japanese restaurant and indulge in as much sushi and sashimi as I can eat.

What is your favourite home-cooked meal and who cooks it?
I cook all my own meals. I like to keep things very simple. My favourite home-cooked meal is roasted sweet potato with fresh steak.

What are the staples in your fridge?
My staples are organic butter, free range eggs, grass-fed beef, chicken breast mince, fresh market fish, avocados and as many greens as I can fit in.

What is your favourite body part to train?
I love training my back and legs because I get a huge sense of achievement when I finish. Training back or legs just feels great too when you get an incredible pump.

What is your least favourite body part to train?
Calves because they are such a dense muscle and they definitely are not the fastest to grow!

Do you prefer to train outdoors or indoors? Why?
I usually train indoors as most of the free weights I use are only inside. That being said I have had some incredible workouts at Gold’s Gym Venice and Muscle beach in the sunny California sun.

Do you prefer cardio or weights?
There is nothing like a big deadlift, squat or bench session. 

Name five things you can't live without:
My health, family, friends, entrepreneurship and challenge!

Who inspires you and why?
My close friends and family. My closest friends are also passionate entrepreneurs working towards their dreams and they push me to be better every day. I am a big believer in the concept of “if you want to be successful, hang around successful people.” My family are at the core of my ambition and drive. My purpose in life begins with giving them everything they ever want because they have done it tough growing up in Morocco.

Who is your role model? Why?
My biggest role model in life is Richard Branson because he lives such an incredible and interesting life filled with passion, achievement and abundance. He has found a great balance between having a ridiculous amount of fun and making a huge difference in the world.

I'm currently preparing for:
I will compete at the WBFF World Fitness model championships in Vegas in 2015 or 2016 butI stay lean year round and just really enjoy being healthy.



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