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Fit Habits

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If you think it’s impossible to study, work and maintain a lean and sculpted physique: just look at Kynan Nahrung. The Gold Coast fitness model is a prime example of what can be achieved when you turn healthy lifestyle choices into daily habits.

Having started out like many other youngsters, Kynan was a skinny kid. It was only when he took an interest in nutrition and learnt more about what he was putting in his body that he decided to start training and eating well on a daily basis. Now he is a confident, healthy and inspiring entrepreneur – with the cover model body to match. Kynan explains that his success comes from creating healthy habits, which allow him to stick to his training and maintain his physique, even while working and studying. 

“I have trained now for so many years that training has literally become a habit,” explains Kynan. “I do it because that’s just something I do; it isn’t a mental process of convincing myself at all.”Kynan Nahrun,Kynan,MMH,men's muscle & health,Dallas Olsen

Unlike many in the fitness industry, Kynan has decided to shy away from the typical personal training and nutritional studies. Instead, he has completed his Bachelor of Commerce, Bachelor of Science and is now completing his third degree, Law, at Bond University. 

Learning is a huge part of Kynan’s life, and he aims to continually improve his education. And while he trains every day, he explains that it isn’t all about the physical rewards (although that’s definitely a plus), but rather about the relationships you create along the way. 

“I find myself surrounding myself with healthy people, and I enjoy the camaraderie I have with those people I train with.”

His attitude is refreshing and he hopes more people will start moving away from the aesthetics and focus more on their health and lifestyle. His position on performance-enhancing drugs is a hard no. 

“Men all want to take steroids to get bigger and leaner, which over time is hard to sustain, and bad for their heart and organs.”

Steroids and the look that those drugs provide are not for me. Girls always find a toned athletic man to be the most attractive, so that is the look I try to create.”

He’s certainly got the look that ladies love. For guys out there who want to keep it natural and follow in Kynan’s footsteps, his best advice is to focus on what you eat and drink, and choose a time every day to get out and move your body. Training shouldn’t be an option, according to Kynan - it’s mandatory. 

“Get that into your head, and it will soon be a habit!” 

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