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Describe yourself in three words.

Focused, Determined and motivated


What is your favourite food to indulge on? How often do you treat yourself?

Ice cream, I’m a sucker for it. Once every two weeks.

What is your favourite non-cheat food?

Sweat potato or oats, I crave these even in competition mode!

What is your favourite home-cooked meal? Who cooks it?

Lasagne, my wife makes an amazing one. We don’t make it often because I ended up eating the whole thing.

What are the staples in your fridge?

Eggs, chicken, steak, white fish, turkey, green beans & celery.

What is your favourite body part to train? Why?

Shoulders, these are my strongest asset I just love the pump you get from working your shoulders.

What is your least favourite body part to train? Why?

I don’t really have one; I look at each body part as its own challenge. It’s like a painting - you can’t leave a picture half done - training your body is the same. It’s a process, no matter how long each step takes in the process it is as important as the rest. By looking at it that way its not a chore or something I dislike but rather something to take pride in.

Do you prefer to train outdoors or indoors? Why?

Indoors, I’m a gym man... the bigger the gym the better!

Describe the atmosphere in your favourite place to train:

A bit grungy, the sound of clinging metal, the gym is empty enough that you’re not be waiting around for a machine. There is no music just the sound of the gym people training or talking about training. I haven’t been to Gold’s gym in LA (yet) but I image it would have this vibe and energy that inspires you to train. I was lucky enough to Train at Doherty’s gym in Melbourne over FitX and it had this sort of vibe there across all the gym’s after training in this each morning it really set the tone for the day. I love it.

Do you prefer cardio or weights? Why?

Definitely weights, I think Arnold Schwarzenegger said ‘in pumping Iron for me you just can’t beat the pump feeling in the gym from a great weight session’.

Do you have a favourite book? Why this one?

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Encyclopaedia of Modern Bodybuilding, this is the book that started it all fitness wise for me.

Name three things most people don’t know about you:

1.       Until recently I worked an office job

2.       I have a large stock pile of shoes, hat’s and watches

3.       I’m still a big kid and love watching cartoons

What is your best grooming secret?

To be a good Fitness Model you need to have good pair of clippers haha

Who inspires you? Why?

Arnold Schwarzenegger (like everyone I think) pulled me into the sport with his classic physique, but then I came across people like Steve Cook, Lazar Angelo, Sadik Hadzovic and Mark Anthony who had incredible aesthetic physiques. They definitely inspired me to see how far I can progress and they live a clean healthy lifestyle, which really appeals to me regardless of competing.


Who is your fitness and body role model? Why?

 I think as a whole I’d have to say my Optimum Nutrition and IFBB Pro Steve Cook, his message is one of a health lifestyle as a whole, which is really the key message for everyone.

And finally, what does your diet look like?

8 Egg whites, 100g oats, Flaxseed, blue berries

Almonds and Optimum Nutrition 100% Gold Standard protein shake

200g Chicken, fish or red meat 200g greens

200g Chicken, fish or red meat 200g greens, 200g rice or sweet potato

200g Chicken, fish or red meat 200g greens, 200g rice or sweet potato

Optimum Nutrition Casein protein shake, nuts or peanut butter and blue berries








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