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If someone came up to you and told you that you couldn't do something, what would you do?” You would most likely want to prove them wrong.”- Danny Bruce.

By Erin Leckie


Name: Danny Apollo Bruce

Location: Los Angeles, California

Occupation: Celebrity Coach

Age: 28

In March 2012, Danny Bruce found himself lying in a hospital bed unable to move his legs. He’d been involved in a car accident in which another driver had run a red light and smashed into his car at 110km/h. This wasn’t the kind of accident you just get up and walk away from. It was the kind of accident that ruins lives and kills dreams. For Danny, that dream had been to one day run for the US Olympic athletics team. But with multiple herniated discs, ruptured tendons in his neck and a hip injury, the doctors instead told him that he may never be able to walk again.

Lying in the ICU (intensive care unit) was a stark contrast for the fit young American, who had spent his youth training and playing sport. He was one of those kids with an abundance of energy. Danny still remembers being on the football field with his dad, who was training him up to have lightning-quick hands to catch balls in his position as a wide receiver.

“He would use athletic tape and tie my hands behind my back,” recalls Danny. “The objective was to rip through the tape and catch the ball while doing the passing tree. If you couldn't rip the tape away, you would get hit in the face with the ball on a quick short route.”

With training tactics like that, it was no wonder Danny got strong – and fast! The ‘never-say-die’ mindset was instilled into him from a young age and it would prove invaluable when the unthinkable happened.

“The doctors in hospital told me I would never walk again; they told me the worst news possible that any person who is in their mid-20s could have heard.”

But Danny refused to accept that he would be paralysed. Every day for weeks after the accident he would try to stand up – only to collapse back onto the floor. In those moments, Danny thought about his younger siblings and how he had taught them to never give up.

“What kind of big brother would I be if I gave up then? I just couldn’t disappoint them; I had to show them that if you truly set out to accomplish something, you can make it in the end.”

So, believing that "actions speak louder than words," he committed himself to not only walking again, but running and jumping faster and higher than ever before.

Danny wasn’t used to being the one in need. Throughout his life, Danny had sought ways to help others, and it was one of the reasons he graduated from the University of Northern Colorado with a double degree in Exercise Science and Criminal Justice.

 “I enjoy advocating and helping people overall, as putting others first should be the number one rule for anyone who understands the law of abundance.”

Perhaps it was this ‘law of abundance’ that Danny had believed in, or maybe it was his years of physical training and his positive attitude... for whatever reason, one day when he was still in hospital, Danny suddenly felt something in his left leg.

“I was barely able to move it, but I had feeling. I held onto the wall and other things around my bed to try to keep my balance,” he said.

With unbearable pain shooting up his back into his head and neck, the breakthrough didn’t last long and Danny collapsed on the ground again. But now, there was hope.

As time progressed, he began therapy. He had to relearn how to balance his weight from one foot to the other, how to stand and eventually, with assistance, how to walk again.

“Two months later, I was able to walk on my own, but very slowly,” described Danny. “Today, I continue to walk every day without any assistance.”

After having spent three long months in a wheelchair, Danny was itching to get back to doing what he loved. He’d had a glimpse into what life might be like without the ability to run, jump and play, and it was a reality he just wasn’t willing to pursue. The doctors had estimated it would be years before Danny could train again, but shortly after his release from hospital he went and got himself a new gym membership.

“I began to train very lightly, without overworking myself. I walked slowly around the gym, I did plyometrics in the water for 15 minutes at a time, and I did plenty of stretching,” he said.

A year and a half later, Danny was back in training and feeling more motivated than ever. However, his dream to run at the Olympics was dashed the day of his accident. Since the injury to his spinal cord caused nerve damage, the hard-pounding compression on the track irritated his back. But rather than being bitter, Danny feels fortunate for the opportunity to reassess his long-term goals.

“I am actually thankful every day… as the car accident opened my mind a bit more, giving me a second opportunity to fulfill my passions through others as a coach,” he explained.

“I coach people from all walks of life to overcome any obstacle or experiences they might have endured. I am there to get them past that plateau of defeat.”

Danny believes that if you have a dream, an ambition or an aspiration to better yourself in any way, just get out there and go for it.

“Don’t let anyone hinder you from achieving your goals,” he said. “Do everything necessary to try to get to it."

And he’s talking from experience. Danny Bruce found an opportunity in adversity to better himself; and has come out the other side fitter, stronger and more prepared for anything this life can throw at him.




- 12 egg whites

- Protein shake (2 scoops)



- 8 egg whites with coconut oil

- 2 servings of asparagus



- 4 tilapia patties

- 230g chicken breast

- 1 serving white rice



- large romaine salad, balsamic vinegar

- 230g chicken breast


12 NOON:

- 2 x 230g chicken breast

- 1 tilapia patty

- 1 serving asparagus



- 4 egg whites with coconut oil

- 1 serving asparagus

- Protein shake



- 2 tilapia patties

- 1 serving of green vegetable of choice


9pm (bedtime)

- 230g beef

- 1 serving of green vegetables




Monday: AM Quadriceps/Abs


Tuesday: AM Cardio, PM Shoulders


Wednesday: AM Cardio-Abs, PM Back/Arms


Thursday: AM Cardio, PM Chest


Friday: AM Hamstrings/Calves-Abs


Saturday: PM Full body workout


Sunday: Off



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