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By Erin Leckie | Images by James Patrick


Name: Caesar Irvin Ward
Country: San Marcos, Texas, USA
Occupation: Full-time college
student at Texas State University
Age: 26
By Erin Leckie | Images by James Patrick


Think back to the last time you were lacking something… was it money, time, or maybe motivation? What about food, or clothes on your back? Hopefully for you, it has never been the latter. Although for many people around the world, and even in first world countries such as our own, this is sadly still the case.

For us, the ‘lucky ones’, we often take for granted the basic things that keep us comfortable: a loving family, a warm bed at night, a belly full of food… (Not to mention more than enough gym clothes to last the week without having to do a load of washing!) But Texas college student Caesar Ward, known best by his middle-name Irvin, understands what it is like to go without such luxuries.

Moving from foster home to foster home, Irvin grew up in houses that sometimes had no electricity or warm water. Everything he owned could fit into one small
suitcase. It’s no wonder he now exudes gratitude for everything he since been able to accomplish.

“Having to endure all of this has made me the man I am today; it has given me the inner push to reach and achieve goals instead of being another statistic,” said Irvin.

At the start of high school, Irvin was adopted by parents who showed him the meaning of love and family. Finally in a safe environment, he flourished and went on to join the Marine Corp as a scout sniper. While in the Marines, Irvin did two combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan and was part of the 29 Palms Fight Team
(MMA). His fitness developed over time and through necessity, and when he returned to university, Irvin played a year of college football as a middle linebacker
and team specialist.

Each experience presented Irvin with a new opportunity to excel, however it wasn’t until a conversation with his younger sister that really brought his goals into focus.

“She brought to my attention that I work out all the time, why don’t I take it a step further by dieting correctly and hitting the gym harder? That’s what got me to start

The aim was to obtain his WBFF pro card, and while Irvin was no stranger to working out, his first training session was bittersweet; knowing just how far he had
to go to reach his goals. He started by mixing up his regular workouts and hitting muscle groups that he hadn’t trained before. 

“I learnt the importance of crafting the body and how monitoring your inputs will affect the body and how it will react in time,” explains Irvin. 

With each of his previous experiences Irvin had honed his discipline, and found that preparing for his first bodybuilding competition would require nothing less. He was motivated by the thought of being the best possible role model for his young daughter.

“I want her to know that anything is possible as long as she works hard and gives it all she has. I want her to stick to her goals and dreams and never to give up,” said Irvin. 

And so in just four short months Irvin found himself on stage being awarded his WBFF Pro Card. While he was overwhelmed by the excitement of achieving his
goal, he maintains that his greatest accomplishment by far was his Navy Marine Corp achievement, which he received for saving lives and performing duties
as a Marine scout sniper.

For someone who has come from a place of little to a place of abundance, Irvin believes that having an attitude of gratitude and staying consistent are the greatest
factors in achieving your goals, no matter what they are.

“Don’t give up, ever. You’ll have times and  times. Just moving on matter what you have in life,” says Irvin. 

“Having gone through all this, I have learnt never to take things for granted and always treat everyone with respect. Life’s too short to let your dreams pass you

Having been required to be extremely physically fit throughout his adult life and push himself beyond his physical limits as a Marine, a fighter and now professional
bodybuilder, Irvin undoubtedly developed a passion for health and fitness along the way. He achieved his goals by working hard and putting in the effort; and by being grateful for all the small things that many people take for granted.

So next time you think you need that new protein shake, that pair of shiny shoes or a new gym bag to get where you want to go, take a step back and look at all the
things you already do have. For Irvin, it was a loving family, a wise sister, a proud daughter and a desire to be more than average that was all he needed to step up to the plate and achieve his dreams.



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