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NAME: Zac Smith
CITY: Maroubra, NSW
OCCUPATION: Online Coach
AGE: 24

Before he started training, Zac Smith had a life filled with debauchery, partying and generally being unhealthy. The self-confessed party animal worked numerous jobs just to pay his way from week to week and to fund his weekends of partying. As a result of his fast-paced lifestyle, Zac developed supraventricular tachycardia, an abnormally rapid heart rhythm caused by faulty electrical signals in the heart. This was the pivotal moment that finally had Zac stand up and pay attention to his health. From there, fitness became his passion and his career, and Zac is now going from strength to strength in his physical and entrepreneurial goals. We caught up with Zac and found out that not only does his heart beat too fast… it’s also much too big…

Hey Zac, how different do you feel now compared to your old partying days?

I have never felt happier and cannot describe how happy I am that I found solace in fitness. Before fitness came about I had no motivation, I lacked energy and drive
and I had no ambitions to be anywhere in life. Now, I am more motivated than ever, always searching for new ways to better myself, my career and also, other
people’s health.

What has been the most rewarding aspect of training for you?

Constant progression for me is by far the most rewarding aspect of my own training. I love knowing that if I knuckle down for days, weeks, months on end, I WILL achieve a better physique than I have ever achieved before. Knowing that is the most rewarding feeling.

What continues to motivate you throughout your training?

I know that my body and the way I portray myself as a fitness professional inspires and motivates others to do the same. This is one of my biggest motivations! I need to continue to get better and be a role model for anyone who is aspiring to be a fitter, healthier, stronger person.

What advice would you give to men wanting to get into the best shape of their life?

Train hard and diet harder. Achieve your own goal body or at least begin to work towards that goal body. Your own journey towards achieving this will be organic inspiration for others and create credibility for your own business, whatever that may be.

What is the most important thing guys need to remember when training?

Leave your ego at the door. Train with correct and strict technique and don’t try to impress people with your lifts. Be there because you want to, not because you
want to impress people. The end result of being humble and training hard is what will impress people the most.

We all have days where motivation is low – how do you overcome these?

I usually will seek some inspiration from YouTube videos, quotes from successful entrepreneurs or look at pictures of myself from past competitions or photo shoots that I am proud of. Seeing me in my best shape only inspires me to get in better shape. Never satisfied, always hungry.

Do you enjoy training alone or with a partner?

Both. I train alone mostly but I find that training with a partner gives you that extra push and sometimes those extra few reps… the reps that make a difference.

What is your career highlight and why?

Making the decision to sponsor a man with Down syndrome named Robbie. We worked together for 3 months, free of charge. While working together, Robbie lost 10kg. His love and passion for fitness has never been stronger, and neither have his mind and body. Giving something back was the most rewarding feeling for
me, as this industry can be so selfish. I understand that completely as a fitness competitor as we have to be so strict with everything: our diet, sleep, training,
everything. Helping Robbie was by far my career highlight.

MEAL 1 – Oats, Giant Sports Delicious Protein, blueberries
MEAL 2 – Omelette with onion, chilli, mushrooms and asparagus
MEAL 3 – Tuna, brown rice and peas
MEAL 4 (PRE-WORKOUT) – Turkey mince, asparagus, basmati rice
MEAL 5 (POST-WORKOUT) – Turkey mince, asparagus, brown rice
MEAL 6 – Giant Sports Casein shake

MONDAY – Legs/Abs
TUESDAY – Chest/Biceps
WEDNESDAY – Back/Triceps/Calves
THURSDAY – Shoulders/Abs
FRIDAY – Arms/Calves
SATURDAY – Chest/Abs

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