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By Dave Nixon


Let’s be honest – we all know that our thoughts control our actions. Our mental controls our physical, and that it is our attitude that ultimately determines our altitude.

Knowledge gives us power but without the action, it only shows us our potential for power. So how do you unlock your potential power? Here are five ways you can fail-proof your mindset and set your moral compass so that it leads you in the direction of success every day.

1.       Change the rules so you can’t lose

What does failure mean to you? Does it mean not passing a test? Does it mean not getting that job? Missing the lift? What if you never had to fail at the thing you love ever again? Would you like that? Well guess what - you have the power to do so.

You simply just have to change your definition of failure and what it means to you.

To me, failure means giving up. That’s it. It is literally the only way I can fail. I made a promise to myself long ago that I would never give up on the things I love, and my word is my bond. This means that, ultimately, I can never fail. Life is not a dress rehearsal, we are not here to muck around.

So, when a situation arises there are only two outcomes – either you succeed or you learn. You simply cannot fail. The key factor in this principle is that you will rock up to every situation 100 per cent confident that you cannot fail. You may not succeed on the first attempt, but you will get there.

To be successful, you have to change the rules to be in your favour. Change the definition of failure and your physiology will follow your minds lead.

2.       Consciously wire your subconscious

Have you ever noticed yourself singing along to the lyrics of a song you didn’t think you knew, or that you don’t really like? Maybe it was a jingle from a TV ad that you’ve heard a couple of times playing in the background.

We know that our subconscious is operating on auto pilot during a very large chunk of the day, meaning that we often don’t use our brains to their full capacity. If you are subconsciously wiring your mind to remember and regurgitate the junk from the radio and from the TV, can you imagine what you could consciously wire it to do?

So, wire your brain to remember useful information. Download, buy or get your hands on talks, podcasts and interviews. Then listen until you almost know them word for word.

What would this change for you if you did this every day for the next 6 months, a year or even five years? Don’t do what everyone else is doing if you want something different.

3.       Never have a ‘mindset’

I know this sounds hypocritical of me – I mean I have the words ‘mindset coach’ in the title of my Facebook page – but I want you to get rid of the word mindset. Let’s break the word down for a minute. Think of it as two separate words: mind and set.

Has your mind evolved since you were 12 or 20? Of course it has. It is never “set”. You are constantly evolving your mind frame and your headspace. In order to survive we have to continually upgrade and evolve our thinking. Your current thinking has gotten you to where you are today, but it won’t get you to where you want to be in the future. ‘Unset’ your mind and remove the barriers you have put up around it. Once you do this, you will come to realise that you no longer need to think ‘outside the box’ – because there is no box at all.

 4.       Lose the concept of being right

Who defines what is right and what is wrong? Did Da Vinci paint ‘right’, or did Picasso? Does Beckham kick the ball ‘right’? Was Bruce Lee ‘right’ when he threw a punch or was he constantly looking to improve? Once you lose the concept of right and wrong you unlock this awesome ability to constantly get better and evolve. To really get to where you ultimately want to be, you have to learn to just express yourself. If we are constantly looking for right then we will always be wrong until we get find it. Being a perfectionist is a very self-limiting way to live, and has nothing on self-expression.

My example is my writing. Initially, I wrote from the angle of how my audience would read it. Then it occurred to me (after many deleted paragraphs) that I am just writing for myself and to view it as my art. As a way to express who I am. As soon as I did that I lost the fear of what people would think, because I could never be wrong with how I expressed myself.

 Put simply; don’t look to be right, look to be better.

5.       Swear a little

This is how I make decisions. If I am ever sitting on the fence, I simply ask myself this question: “Is the answer to what I am about to do, or being asked to do, a “hell yeah”? If it’s not, then it’s a no. If it’s a yes, it’s still a no. If it’s only a maybe, then it’s definitely a no.

This has been one of the single biggest deciding factors in where I spend my time. If something doesn’t make you go “hell yeah”, it’s not worth doing. Don’t waste time on a heap of “oh yeahs”. Find your hell yeah, because chances are that’s where your passion lies, and you will end up doing what you love.


This isn’t a pump-up post. This isn’t meant to get you all motivated. I’ve written these five steps to show you that success actually has very little to do with motivation, being right or luck. It’s about your headspace. It’s about controlling your thoughts to perceive every situation as an opportunity to improve and to grow. So, change the rules, lose the concept of being right and listen to some brain fuel, it makes you sexy.

Your new goal: be so confident that the thought of failing makes you chuckle.



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