Your Best Protein Power Sources: Flank Steak

Your Best Protein Power Sources: Flank Steak

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Your Best Protein Power Sources

Flank Steak (170g Serving)


Calories: 260

Protein: 42 g

Fat: 10 g


Spices: Sea salt, pepper

Sides: Sweet potato (with skin, as a baked potato or slices) and spinach salad


Direction: After seasoning the steak with a pinch of sea salt and a pinch of pepper, place on griller for about 7 minutes.


If you want a more rare or medium steak, grill for 5 minutes.


A 170g portion of flank delivers up to 25% of your daily value of zinc, a mineral known for its antioxidant properties that may help delay premature ageing of muscle tissue and skin. Zinc also supports the health of your immune system and aids with appetite control. This mineral is likewise important in energy metabolism, particularly during exercise. As well, zinc is essential to your muscle-recovery process post-training.

170 grams provides 45% of your daily requirements of vitamin B 12, which plays a vital role in the formation of red blood cells, the body’s primary delivery mechanism for oxygen. Additionally, B12 helps the body maintain the integrity of the nerve sheaths, which are comprised of the protein myelin. A functioning nervous system means better signal transmission during workouts.

BONUS TIP: Coming from the sides of beef cattle, flank steak is a tougher cut of meat, thanks to the large amounts of connective tissue it contains. Cutting it on the diagonal will sever much of those fibres. Marinating the meat prior to grilling or BBQ will further tenderise it.

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