From body-trasher to bodybuilder

From body-trasher to bodybuilder

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From body-trasher to bodybuilder 

Tired of hangovers, fatigue and ‘hating life’, Frank Huskisson shed 50kg and gained fitness, confidence and life purpose. 



NAME: Frank Charles Huskisson
CITY: Sunshine Coast, QLD
OCCUPATION: University Student
AGE: 25
HEIGHT: 181cm
INSTAGRAM: @_littlefrank

Frank Huskisson was an overweight child who grew into an overweight teen and then into an overweight adult. His life consisted of unhealthy habits which he repeated week after week. 

“I spent most of my days working a terrible job in a warehouse and watching TV in the afternoons,” he says. “I spent my days off getting drunk and then recovering with a hangover in bed.”

Rarely doing any exercise, Frank began to get some health concerns. He found himself constantly getting sick and always felt fatigued. The beach and outdoors were things Frank loved, but physically he couldn’t do much without becoming tired. 

After breaking up with his first girlfriend of five years, Frank moved in with friends who were very health and fitness-oriented, and their habits soon rubbed off on to him. 

“I started learning the basics from them and did bike riding to lose weight,” he says. 

“I dropped 50kg in two years and was the lightest I had ever been. My life then started making dramatic changes and at that point, I wanted to compete in fitness and performance competitions.” 

Since then, Frank has made training his life and gained around 15kg of muscle in three years. He has also competed in numerous powerlifting and bodybuilding competitions. 

Life looks very different for Frank these days, as he now spends his time after work at university and training in the gym. 

“It’s been a massive social change to my life,” he says.

“My weekends aren’t spent recovering from my hangover anymore. Now I spend every weekend finding new bush walks or mountains to climb, as the southeast coast of Australia has some of the most amazing views in the world.”

The social change he describes comes from the way he is treated now.

“When I was overweight, I could feel that people treated me very differently, with little to no respect,” he says.

“I was never invited to events or parties, and I was bullied a huge amount from others throughout school.

“Now people are much nicer and friendlier, I get invited places and generally have a much better social group.”

Frank’s change has not only seen him surrounded by better people, but he is also having an impact on a larger audience.

“People tell me I motivate them every day,” he says.

“People I knew at school or who I’ve met only a few times will message me saying they follow my progress and posts I make on my Instagram or Facebook. They tell me I’ve motivated them to start training or change their diets.”

He once thought negatively of training and healthy eating and believed people in gyms were egotistical. However, after immersing himself in a fit and healthy lifestyle, he realises this is far from true.

“Training and eating right aren’t bad things, and I have found something that I have fallen in love with,” he says. “I just had to take a step outside my comfort box and embrace them.

 “The people you meet at the gym are some of the most caring and motivating people you’ll meet. If I ever feel down or not right, the friends I have made from training are the ones who help me, more than people I’ve known for years.”

For guys looking to make a change in their life, Frank has some simple advice.

“Start. The best exercise you can do is the one you actually do. If you like walking, become the best walker you can; if you like weight training, lift all the weight and love it.”

Frank says he draws constant inspiration from his mother, who has helped him to see how beneficial training can be.

“For a lady who is 50 years old and has worked full-time her whole life, she still trains daily and beats me hands down every time we do a training session,” he says.

“Now I have furthered my knowledge on the industry and am studying a Bachelor of Sports and Exercise. Every time we speak, she asks me for more information on how to improve her diet or training. She motivates me to keep going no matter what happens.”

Frank now weight-trains one to two hours a day, focusing on specific muscle groups, or does powerlifting sessions. His goals are to get an invitation to a national powerlifting competition and to place in the top five or higher in a bodybuilding competition.

“These goals aren’t for the sake of winning or beating others,” he says, “but to prove that if you persevere for long enough, your goals will become reality.” 

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