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Learn how to deliver messages with power.

WORDS Geoff Edwards

How would you like to have unstoppable power? We live in a high-energy world with very driven people, extroverts with high egos who are competing with one another. So how do we achieve success, whether it is with relationships, in businesses or conquering new challenges? We need to be able to live a fulfilling life with meaning and purpose and by building your own power you will deliver messages with power that everyone will listen to, enabling you to go beyond anything you ever previously imagined. You have amazing potential and this article shares tips on how to build your own power. 


The first step to building your power is to realise that success leaves clues. On your journey so far, what signs have come to you that could be a message, to maybe alter your journey? Sometimes we are just too busy to notice as our days are very full. However, if you leave space and notice, it is very interesting what you will see. When we relax at a holiday destination, we reflect and start and see how we can change our lives. Coming back to the workplace and our normal lives however, we need to remember to take these habits with us. By making space in your day, you can recreate your holiday reflection time. 


Just imagine where you would like to be in five years from today: turning over $1 million in your new business, having reached the summit of Mount Everest, or buying your first Ferrari.  Achieving these outcomes creates amazing feelings. To check where your life is headed today, one of the most important steps is to take note if your life feels unbalanced. Find a quiet place and close your eyes for a few minutes to reflect on your life. When you’re ready, imagine climbing into the basket of a hot air balloon and taking a virtual ride. As you float into the air over your life, what do you see? What do your days and nights look like? Where’s the activity? Where’s the stress? Where’s the joy? Who are you? Does what you see align with what you’d like your life to look like? When you’re ready, gently float back down for a safe landing. Capturing the insights from this reflection will create your future. 


Have you ever had a time when you've achieved success and it was something you felt really good about? We all have achieved success in some area of our lives. So, reflect back on that time and how great it felt, whether it was winning a competition, achieving a promotion, or starting a business. Notice how great you felt. Success comes to us based on what we see, feel and experience in our minds. In the case of Olympic athletes, this is how they achieve success. They visualise the result and win gold medals. When the starting gun fires, they are totally in the zone, fully experiencing the power and success. So in your case, remember the time when you achieved success, how did that look to you, was it a still or moving picture, black and white or colour, were there sounds and how close was this image to you? Now you can literally step into that zone for the new situation. Your mind will now move into the direction of creating success for your new venture as you have a mental imprint. As you progress, anchor in new successes with a clench of your fist as success breeds success.   

And, when you are working with other people, in either the workplace, in a business or a relationship, remember that there are all different personality types. By recognising this, you can alter your communication style accordingly. Overall, by looking at all aspects of your life, success can be created in an exciting new way.


  •          Notice messages in your life
  •          Discover where you may be losing power
  •          Have clarity on your future vision
  •          Notice your successful achievements
  •          Create a new level of success in your mind
  •          Note the personalities you are working with
  •          Acknowledge progress 


Geoff Edwards is an internationally-accredited life coach with over 25 years of coaching experience. He can support you on your journey to success with results that last. You can contact him via or through his website

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