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How to go after what it is you are passionate about and live a meaningful life. 

WORDS Chris Miller, coach at  

Have you ever had a dream, a goal or a burning desire to do something purposeful or meaningful with your life but the paralysis of fear leads to inaction or poor choices? 

That is the battle that lies within all of us: passion vs. fear. 

Passion is a driving force. It is the spark that ignites the flame. It illuminates the path on your road to success. Without passion, the road will eventually darken. You'll lack direction, focus and desire. You will live in fear. 

Fear is the enemy of passion. Where passion provides the fire to give something a go, to work hard, to live deeply and meaningfully, fear inhibits action. Or, if it does lead to action, such action is impulsive and willful. Fear is not just the physical sensation of staring down a big mean looking dog or drunk for that matter, nor of getting a fright in the dark. 

Fear is more pervasive than that. It is the feeling you get when trying to attain your goals. The negative self-talk that says "don't worry about the diet, one bad meal won't count." Or you have had a bad meal and the voice chirps in, "what's the point of trying to eat right? I'm wasting my time, it's not worth it, I'm not making any progress, just give up." The fear then leads to impulsive action, such as poor food choices, a bout of negative self-talk that spirals out of control, or the particular self-destructive action that you fall back on. 

Back to that dream, goal or burning desire you have. Perhaps you want to write a book, run a marathon, start painting, or something else. But despite your overwhelming need to complete this passion, you are stuck in limbo, self-doubt, or overwhelmed with anxiety? As such, you never quite start, or if you do, you never maintain consistency once you have started. You ask yourself “what’s the point?” You tell yourself life is too short so just enjoy whatever you want and don't stress about doing that extra stuff; it's a waste of time anyway. 

That is FEAR beating your PASSION. That is not right. 

Make it right. It is simple to do so. Hard, but simple. 

Find your passion. In the words of Simon Sinek, what is your WHY?  What is the primary passion that defines who you are?Forget the “what ifs”, what the point or reward may be, what others may think, or how you will fit it in to your life. Once you have realised your inner flame and ignored the objections of fear, spend some time to identify the key tasks involved in implementing and living your passion. Get a plan. 

Without passion, a person is merely a latent force and possibility. Like the match which waits to be struck into a flame, passion requires action. 

A fundamental question when trying to ignore the fears and live your passion is: can you do it on your own or do you need help? Often, here again, fear rears its ugly head and inhibits action. "It's embarrassing; I don't want to get a personal trainer." "I need to get fit before I join the gym." "Who would read my book; I don't want anyone to read it, what if they say it is terrible?" The paralysis of fear leads to inaction or poor choices. 

But when the spark is set forth and becomes a flame, when you work towards your goals, passion wins.

The fears are ignored. Action is taken. You make a plan, and most importantly of all, you live the plan.

The battle for now is won, and your life becomes better because you are doing what fulfills you. 

The Power of Passion: what's yours? 

Discover your passions. Let them, and not the meaningless, dictate your life. 

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