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It doesn’t matter how entertaining your workout was to begin with, if you have been doing the same thing day in and day out, you are going to get bored. 

WORDS Ben Lucas 

Have you spent the last year working the same body part on the same day of the week? Have you been working out at the same place and the same time for months on end? Is your music no longer keeping you interested? Do you stick to one style of rep range and similar exercises? 

If this is you, then it sounds like you either need to reassess your program or change things up a bit! 


You have been training at the same gym, in the same area, at the same time for months on end. Now the thought of going to the gym is starting to make you angry and you can’t really think of any (other than aesthetic) reasons that you would want to go. 

Clearly a change of scenery is needed. 

Try training in a different area of your gym, or better still, sign up for a trial membership elsewhere for a couple weeks. You may find that being in a new environment is stimulating as there will be new people to seek inspiration from when it comes to workouts and exercises. The equipment will be in different places and there may be new equipment that you can incorporate into your program. All of these elements can lead to newfound inspiration. 

Now that you have found a new area to train in, it’s time to set some new goals. If your goal has just been to ‘work chest Monday and legs Tuesday’ and so on, lets mix it up a bit. Why not add some cardio into your workout, such as the erg or ski? Adding in a little bit of HIIT into a resistance session won’t make you skinny, but it will boost your heart rate and challenge your body in a different way. 

Also, consider signing up to an event. There are bodybuilding, weight lifting and amateur boxing competitions, running events, obstacles events and more. 

Choose one that will get you outside your comfort zone and make your program specific to that event. Being outside of your comfort zone can be scary, so it should spike your interest in training for the event. 


If you are someone who consistently does three exercises, five sets and three reps every time you go to the gym, then you are very likely to get bored quickly. 

There are so many ways that you can make your workouts more interesting, starting with the reps, sets and the weight. 

Try a varied set or rep range. You could change your grip or try a pyramid; complete a higher rep range in set one, and decrease the reps slowly in each subsequent set. Perhaps a ladder rep range; starting with low reps and progressively doing more reps with each set. Either of these will help keep things interesting. 

Furthermore, why not try a class you have never done before? It could be a strength class, MMA or core class for example. Even if you are not someone who typically sees themselves in a class, participating now and then may inspire you to learn some new exercises or training styles that you can then recreate on the gym floor. 


That’s right, everyone loves to win a game, and in this one, you can either compete against yourself or enlist some friends. 

Start by choosing the challenge, whether it is a circuit with a time that you have to beat, a weight that you want to lift or other. 

Now set aside one day per week when you try to beat your last result. For example, if last week you set yourself a circuit and finished in 23 minutes, next week aim for 22. If last week you achieved 10 chin-ups, aim for 12 this week. 

Setting yourself a challenge will inspire you to train harder through the week to break your record. 

You may also want to get a heart rate monitor or fitness tracker that can work to measure your success. 


If you are happy with your gym environment and you already have specific goals but find that you are bored, then consider assessing the intensity of your workout rather than changing it dramatically.  

If your target rep range is three to five, consider whether you are getting them out easily or whether they are a grind. Because with that rep range, it should be a TOUGH grind to get them out. 

Be accountable for your own training intensity; make sure you're progressively overloading your muscles and fuelling them appropriately. 

If the exercises are too easy for you, and you are lacking results, that could be why you’re bored too. 

The gym should be an outlet for you, be it from work or other forms of stress. If you are not enjoying it, change it up. It’s a shame to waste an hour being bored when you can be challenging yourself, working towards your health goals and keeping entertained while doing it. 

Ben Lucas

Ben is the owner of Flow Athletic (, a NY-style boutique gym that is based in Paddington, Sydney. Ben has been in the fitness industry for more than 10 years and he currently specialises in strength coaching and ultra-endurance running. Prior to training people, Ben was an NRL player for the Cronulla Sharks. You can connect with Ben via Instagram: ben_lucas1 

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